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How Fetch the City works

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One of our bookers will get back to you to confirm your order

The driver will then fetch what you’ve asked for

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Finally, pay the driver with your card

Download SnapScan or Zapper and add your card to activate smart phone payments Businesses pay via EFT

It’s R60 for up to 5 items in a 5km radius from yourΒ address in Pretoria, R7.50 extra per additional item and/or km, plus 3% of the total order value to cover bank charges

What can we fetch for you?

We’re open from 8am – 5pm, Monday – Saturday

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    What do I get for R60?

    • Our R60 price covers 5 items from a shop or supplier within 5 kilometers of your delivery address.
    • Extra items are charged at R7.50 per item.
    • If you want a delivery from a location 5 kilometers away or further, it’s an extra R7.50 per additional kilometer or part kilometer.

    For example, if you want 7 items delivering from a location 6.4 kilometers away, the charge is R90 (R60 for 5 items and 5 kms plus R15 for 2 extra items, plus R15 for the extra 2.4 kms). The 2.4 kms is rounded up to 3 kms.

    Bank Fees

    Unfortunately we also need to add on 3% of the total order value in order to cover our bank fees for card processing.

    What areas do you cover?

    Our launch area is Pretoria and it’s surrounding suburbs, typically within a 20 kilometer radius of the Union Buildings. The map below gives you a guide but we’ll happily deliver to other nearby areas if you place an order.

    Our primary delivery radius

    Is there a weight limit?

    The weight limit is determined by what a motorbike can safely carry in it’s parcel box.

    * We don’t fetch items from restaurants

    Unless you have a call and collect or pick up number

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