Bolognese Pasta Bake

IBolognese Pasta Bake’m a very big fan of pasta. It’s the best meal that saves money and time especially when trying to feed a crowd of people. I’ve never been really good at making bolognese. I read a blog post by Alida Ryder and she shows us how to make different pastas but today we will be focusing on her bolognese pasta bake. Prior to making the pasta just know that Fetch the City can fetch everything and anything for you.

“Pasta bakes are a fantastic way to save time, money and effort”.

Bolognese Pasta Bake can save you money and time

Pasta is probably the easiest meal to make. It normally take about 15 – 20 minutes to boil and make sure they ready. It’s very time saving. Fetch the City can help you save time more if you request for them to fetch all your ingredients for you. You know that you can have a proper meal done in about 45 minutes. This gives you time to also prepare yourself depending on who you cooking for, whether it’s for special guests or even your family friends just know that you have enough time to do everything if you prepare pasta. One of the biggest benefit is that just for two packs you spend about R30, it’s not that much to feed about 6 people.

“it’s also the kind of thing I love making in bulk and freezing for nights when I’m just too lazy or tired to stand in the kitchen for more then 10 minutes”.

Bolognese pasta bake can be frozen

It’s always great to cook in bulk especially if you’re busy person. Life can get hectic especially if you’re a mother and a career woman. Just whipping up some frozen bolognese and warming it up in the oven is a great idea and also saves time for you. The bolognese pasta bake always goes great with a green salad and a glass of dry red wine. I’d probably recommend this pasta recipe to people who want to have friends over for just a chilled weekend with good food and drinks. Also if you want to do something nice for your partner, bolognese pasta bake would make a really lovely candlelight dinner.

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Remember Fetch the City can fetch you all your ingredients that you need to make your bolognese for friends or your partner. You Click We Fetch.

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