How to Braai in Pretoria

How to Braai in Pretoria

How to Braai in PretoriaYou don’t need to walk to the river to fetch your water in Pretoria, now you also don’t need to drive to fetch your groceries. We now have Personal Shoppers in Pretoria who will save you some Braai time and do your shopping for you!

Living in the Capital City of one of the leading jurisdictions on the African continent comes with its perks. You don’t need to drive very far out of Pretoria to realise that – this is an oasis of service delivery and opportunity. So now your area code is also enhanced by your braai experience!

Consider: Braai Boy TV, the ultimate one stop shop for all things braai related!

Who better to teach you than a fanatic? 

The boys at Braai-Boy take braai-ing to the level it was always intended to be and cut no corners when establishing the best methods of obtaining the most tasty braai experience ever.

Then Fetch the City Arrived

YPersonal Shoppers in Pretoriaou will get all the ideas you need for your best braai experience, then contact the only Personal Shoppers in Pretoria, worthy of the label Personal Shoppers #FetchtheCity #Pretoria and they will do all your shopping for you and deliver it to your doorstep.

There is just too much to learn from Braai Boy,  but every bit you learn will be worth it! Did you know you could make pizza on a Braai-Stand? Now you do. How about a pie? Yes. A pie!

The things you can do with a braai are awesome, and the recipes hold their own too.

I really enjoy their content and Braai-Boy’s credentials are as solid as they come. In his own words he…

Holds the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous braai, which stood at 62 consecutive hours of braaing in 2012. Being the first person to braai underwater, and my current record for doing that stands at 4 hours.



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