Bring The Noise

Bring the NoiseIn The Beginning

I have always loved music!!! As a teeny teen I started exploring but bubblegum music (read as pop 🙂 ) never did the trick. Anyhoo, I discovered the joys of alternative music. I decided not only did I want to hear the noise, I wanted to Bring The Noise. And so the misadventure began.

Forays and Misadventures

Ah yes now to find some like minded peeps. Shock horror, I found them and I was set to Bring The Noise. Well it was noise in the beginning, I had to learn to play. They needed a bass player and I thought…

It’s only got 4 strings, can’t be that hard!

So many hours and sore fingers later I could actually play. My first bass was a bit of a rejected orphan, it had a hole in the body (handy for storing your snacks) . For those who don’t know the body is the fat end! If only there was a shop I could find like Paul Bothner Music, based in Pretoria, I would have had a decent bass, without holes, Yay.

And Then

I sadly had to leave for the rain, green grass, rain, rolling hills, rain pubs and rain of Ireland. Did I mention the rain? if not it rained, a lot. You end up feeling soggy, great if you are a duck or fish. Right life progressed and blah blah but I was not able to Bring The Noise. Anyhoo, some years and more blah blah passed and I decided I have to bring the bloody noise. Some misadventures later (no details, sorry this is a family friendly place) I brought the noise. Released some albums etc.

Fetch the City

Now I am back in sunny Souf Efrica, it got too soggy in Ireland, even your umbrella gets worn out from the rain. Anyhoo, the esteemed leader of Fetch the City invited me to join the team hence you are reading my doodles in writing. The good news if your strings snap or you accidentally sit on your drum sticks, we can rush off and fetch you new ones.  We might stop to marvel at the bass guitars (without holes) though. In the meantime, check out the Paul Bothner Music site and their twitter account @PBothnerMusic.

You Click, We Fetch. #fetchthecity #music #pretoria

Our Mission

Here at Fetch the City, we're on a mission to unite the Pretoria based foodie bloggers and foodie folks on social media. Please tell us about your favourite foodie sites in the comments below and we'll do our best to blog about them. Thank you!


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