Building Self Esteem – Why you should be honest

Building Self-Esteem

Building Self EsteemWhen we talk about self esteem, this is what we mean: holding yourself in the regard, you deserve to be held in, based on your favorable impression of yourself. When we touch on the topic of building self esteem: we are referring to acts of commitment that improve your impression of yourself.

I love the way that Ed Mylett put it, “the easiest way to build self-esteem is to keep the promises you make to yourself”.

This is why this matters

Building Self-EsteemWhen you make a promise to yourself, “I will get out of bed at 6:30 am everyday”, you are telling yourself

[insert name here] this is the type of person I am, you can trust that these will be my behaviours, you can rely and depend on those behaviours, and I stake my character on these behaviours”.

Now, just like when someone betrays you or goes back on their words, you stop trusting them; don’t want to spend more time with them and no longer even want to listen to them.

Even if you give them the benefit of the doubt, after listening to their excuses; you are less likely to have great expectations about them. You build the impression – this person is wishy-washy. Unreliable.

So when you make a promise to yourself and break it, you have a less favourable impression about yourself; hold yourself in a lower light; and when it comes to challenges or opportunities you are less likely to trust or have faith in yourself to come out with a healthy result.

Your self esteem takes a nose dive

Building Self EsteemIf you are currently nursing a low self esteem, start making small promises to yourself and sticking to your word. No matter how hard it gets.

Build self-esteem by doing what you tell yourself you are going to do.

This will even end up building your self-confidence, because the more times you keep those little promises to yourself, the longer and more shiny your track record with yourself will be.

That means; you will have more confidence that you will be able to get done what ever needs to get done; to deal with whatever situation you need to deal with. You will be building self esteem. So you will seek more opportunities to add value, and you will have built a track record, that will give you the self-confidence to show initiative; and get the job done.

So what now?

Building self esteem is important. Don’t find the biggest pile manure you can; and bury yourself in it.

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