Chocolate Ganache Tart, Not Death by Chocolate

Chocolate Ganache Tart

Chocolate Ganache TartRemember this kid? That was me. No I wasn’t as plump, but punishing me with chocolate cake was hardly punishment. The punishment would have been trying to pretend I am not enjoying myself. Oh how I wish this was how I got set back on the right path. Or at least a  Chocolate Ganache Tart!

You may have gathered that I still am that kid. No I’m not plump. Though I have been altered in some ways by time, and now death by chocolate is not mandatory. Its optional.

My palette has matured and all that jazz.

I too have have capacity for spontaneity

If not for my curiosity and these lovely mahogany eyes I was blessed with, I would never have discovered Jane and her Chocolate Ganache Tart.

I’m a simple guy. Just add sugar. Entertainment for hours.

The Chocolate caught my attention, and this paragraph kept it engaged:

I generally like to keep my desserts fairly simple, yet decadent. I think often people are so afraid of making dessert because it always appears to be this overwhelming and over-complicated task. It really shouldn’t be, because let’s be real we want to get to the eating part and spend less time in the kitchen. So for this Easy Chocolate Ganache Tart I made no exception. I kept it simple but I promise it will still wow anyone that digs into a slice (or three).

I mean, look at it!

Chocolate Ganache TartHave you ever seen a thing more beautiful? Look at how the berries are arranged on it, clearly there to ruin the chocolate but keep the weaker among us who can’t handle the chocolate alive.

A tear comes to my eye when I imagine the extreme joy I will feel when this tart crosses my lips… melting away the barriers that exist between myself and a permanent state of perfect contentment. Me and the Chocolate Ganache Tart – the Chocolate Ganache Tart and me.

Its harmony.

I feel welcome in the kitchen

Chocolate Ganache TartJane at has a plethora of well presented easy to follow recipes for a variety of occasions, and with Fetch the City doing all of my grocery shopping – this could only get better if you paid me to do it!

My hat off to you Jane and your Chocolate Ganache Tart.



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