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It’s okay to admit it

Christmas Hospitality Some people just come over to your place to eat. There I said it. It’s not cute or adorable, these are adults, with their own homes and their own pantries, but they visit You – to eat Your Food! Now this can all get petty really fast, but lets help you deal with this fact with Christmas Hospitality Hacks – 101!

Christmas Hospitality Hacks – 101

Now you’ve probably been a guilty member of the tupperware brigade before, because if you have any form of esteem or self respect at all, you can admit that no matter how good you can get at anything – there is always some annoying [insert expletives of your choice here] who’s just a little bit better at it than you.

It keeps us on our toes, but you can relate to the sin of being an incredibly jolly guest.

Simply Delicious

Christmas Hospitality HacksThe word “foodie” is an oxymoron to me. How can you be fanatical about food? You need it to survive its essential for life.

The argument still holds if we talk about “good” food. Good food makes you happy, and happiness improves your health. Health is essential for life.

The word “foodie” was probably just invented by some moron who couldn’t spell connoisseur. (Most modern word processors have a spell check you know? and before that we had dictionaries and thesauri.)

Remember to take out the trash when a fresh list of popular buzzwords tries to ruin a good thing – Simply Delicious will show you how to cater all your festive gatherings this year end.

You’re the hook-up

All those people in your house? They came over because you’re where they get the good stuff. Its just really convenient that you’re bloody awesome too!

With your Christmas Hospitality Hacks, you have cemented your dominance on 2018. You are unucfkwithable. So increase your lead.

Did you know you no longer even need to go to the grocery store? Fetch the City will do that for you! Your Christmas Hospitality Hacks will force the tupperware-brigade to become the tupperware-mafia!

They’ll bring their own tupperware. Empty!



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