Christmas Menu’s With Ham – Apple Apricot Glazed Ham

Christmas Menus With HamWhen it comes to Christmas menu’s with ham, I’m not known for my need to go against the grain or my penchant for outlandish or weird experiences. I should like to imagine that most would find me conservative and reserved… The right man to pick when you want things to go smoothly.

Christmas Menu’s With Ham

All of that said, I would most likely not be someone who would opt to cook from scratch that which can be bought in the store. Especially if its very niche and outside of scrambled eggs or a BLT…

Christmas Menus With HamSo why? Why would I now start advocating buying a ham and cooking and glazing it yourself?

Two reasons: First, Alida Ryder is an expert when it comes to making heaven visit your kitchen; and second, her apple apricot glazed ham is to die for!

Your Christmas Menu will be incomplete without it.

As far as Christmas Menu’s with ham go, you will find your quintessential guide on how to prep this bad boy and blow your relatives away with your year end bombshell.

Simply Delicious

Heck, fancy a white wash and take a good look at her other amazing recipes – you may struggle to get a few visitors to go home! She even shows you what to do with the left overs!

Okay – I’m excited. Maybe its nostalgia. The Christmas Menu was always a thing of splendour in my child hood and it was never a disappointment. Sadly, we grew up, moved out, and Christmas turned into beers at Dros or a Braai.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my mates, but the good ol’ Christmas Menu never gets old, and now I have a method to relive the magic and I just had to share it with you!

Personal Shopper in Pretoria

Christmas Menu's With HamFetch the City, is all about Christmas and Family, so not only will you have an easy method to have the best Christmas Menu you have had in years, but Fetch the City will be your trusty aid in locating and delivering all of the right ingredients to your doorstep.

They’ve got you covered in a bind. With their true-to-form motto of “You Click We Fetch” they are at the pulse of convenient, on time deliveries for almost all of your kitchen needs and at the touch of a button, you get a Personal Shopper in Pretoria to help you make this festive a run-away smash hit.

Above all, you’ll receive friendly assistance and a keen eye for service, and you will find your festive far more enjoyable than even you expected!

Also, don’t just take my word for it though. See for yourself!



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