The Essence of Self Discipline

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The Essence of Self Discipline

The Essence of Self DisciplineAs far as self discipline is concerned, “Being able to tell yourself “No”, is in essence what you are likely to hear from popular psychologists and upstart motivation guru’s. This may probably be sound advice when looked at from the right perspective… but I’m a human being! At best, self discipline doesn’t go further than a survival imperative. At worst, it’s essence is lost on me.

I hate taking orders. From anyone. I only refer to the troubleshooter or the instruction manual if I absolutely have to. This doesn’t mean I hate learning, but telling myself no is almost a sure fire way to make absolutely sure that I’m not going to obey my instruction.

“Stop going to bed so late Kevin.” Last night I got into bed at 01:00 am. “Stop answering your phone when your ex calls you Kevin.” We have been talking to each other all week. “Do all your ironing when the laundry comes off the washing line so you don’t have to iron before you wear.” Yeah right!

I Have to Negotiate with Myself

The Essence of Self DisciplineTake this article for example, I’m having fun writing it, but just because it was an instruction it has taken me 3 hours of procrastination and an eventual bribe that got my fingers moving across my keyboard.

I have a better idea, instead of trying to tell myself “No”, I can tell myself “Yes”! Then tell myself “Why Yes!”

I now have a juicy incentive waiting for me at the end of this article. Incentive is the essence of self discipline!

We Breathe; We Have that in Common

The Essence of DisciplineOn the chance that we have more in common, here’s something you can do to leverage your ability to get yourself to cooperate with simple instructions – “read more – watch less TV” or “stay consistent with your workout regime” or whatever, at least now you don’t need to go to the store, and you CAN make your goods come to you!

The Essence of DisciplineFetch the City Pretoria is a Personal Shopping Service that assigns a personal shoppers closest to your address to go into a store of your choosing and buy up to 7 items for only R40 service charge.

Typically your driver will buy just enough to fill up those boxes on the back of delivery bikes, but now you can have your croissants delivered to you!

The Essence of Discipline So while I keep working on the finer aspects of honing my self discipline – having to run to the store is something I can spend less time thinking about, in essence.

Try Fetch the City #Pretoria, it will change how you view your days.



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