False Love Does Exist

False Love Does Exist False Love Does Exist. I find that the most beautiful thing a girl can ever discovered is love. As many girls believe in true love, we also need to remember there’s false love. My boyfriend usually tells me that men were made to be predators, men were created to go after us “women”. I just read a blog written by Keriikoetez titled “A Girl In Love pt.2”.

“He was a good listener, gave good advice and even convinced me to dump my boyfriend at that time”

False Love is real

The thing with us women is that we are gullible. I believe that if you’re experiencing problems in your relationship, you need to face them and not look for comfort elsewhere because that’s how we usually get played. Just like the lion, men also look for the weakest prey to pound on and most of the time our weakest point is when you feel like you don’t have the attention of your current boyfriend. Love is a beautiful feeling but it requires lots of hard work. I think one of the worst ways to start a relationship is if you had a sexual relationship (known as friends with benefits, “FWB”) with your partner because it complicates things.

“We vibed really well, we even went clubbing together, had dinner dates, movie dates and sleepovers. He seemed perfect, actually beyond perfect”.

Honeymoon can blind you from the truth

Most FWB relationships are fun. People think you’re an item and you also starting to feel like his girlfriend even though it’s not official. It’s the perfect honeymoon phase. The problems start when you start hearing rumours that your “boo” got a girl somewhere else and they’ve been together for so long, blah, blah, etc… You know the drill. Those rumours hurt but there’s not much you can do because he wasn’t really your “boo”. You were just “that girl” he used!! As women we are very in denial people so what you’d normally do is go through his phone while he’s sleeping or taking a shower and you’d be surprised what you might find.

“Learn to walk away from toxic relationships. No one deserves to suffer from false love so, when you start crying more than you should, WALK AWAY. Yes, it won’t be easy but it is worth it”.

Walk away from toxic relationships

It’s probably the most difficult thing to do but staying away from toxic relationships is very important. I mean so many girls have died in the name of love because they stayed in a toxic relationship. Rather leave the guy and request Fetch the City to fetch all goodies such as ice cream, cake, chocolate for you to stuff your face until you get over it. When you decide to leave your room, leave it knowing you won’t go back to him. Remember that false love does exist so try stay away from it.

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