Fetch the City, here’s why we had to do this… part 2

Fetch the CIty - Motorbike CourierBuilding on part 1, Fetch The City presents a service offering that tends to needs that you may find yourself troubled with. In case you were wondering what you may need Fetch The City for, here are some scenarios you may find yourself in.

You have no transport….

So you are the host of the party, and everyone is enjoying themselves but you have underestimated how many of your friends actually show up! When you check on the food and drink you realise you are quickly running out and it hits you that everyone is there because you invited them! You can’t leave because you’re hosting and it would seem rude to ask one of your guests to drive out to pick up more snacks, drinks or ice. What do you do? The answer is really simple. Fetch The City! You remember the website and that their service offering is cost effective. You place the order with Fetch The City and they deliver just as requested. Even when some of your guests ask how you did it, you merely refer them to Fetch The City, so they can use the same service next time.

You discover you have run out of some essentials….

It has been a rough day at work and all you want to do is get back home and enjoy some tranquillity and relaxation complimented by your favourite snacks and drinks. You manage to get through all of the agonising traffic and the minute you get home, your fridge is calling out to you. You make a dash for the fridge and as soon as you open it, you dig through only to find that what you thought was going to be your taste of heaven is no longer there waiting for you. You let out a frustrating grunt, not because of what is not in the fridge, but the thought of heading back out to the painstaking traffic you had to endure just to get home. You close the fridge door and that is when you see your Fetch The City contact information. It reminds you that you can get what you need without having to do it yourself. You place the order, a short while later, a knock at your door returns the joy to your life

An unannounced visit from your relatives…

The in-laws, some may not use such humane terminology to describe them, but you know that they grind your gears. We are referring to the ones that will call you to inform you that they are one traffic light away from your front door as they were in “the neighbourhood” and decided to stop by. What you have in the fridge and cupboards is far from their pallet, and considering you can see the traffic light they are referring to from your window, you have not time to rush to the store. In your panic, you call on Fetch The City to come to your aide with a list of nothing but the best, whilst your clear up the house. By the time the in-laws have settled down, you’ve  cleared up the house and Fetch The City has delivered as promised.

Our Mission

Here at Fetch the City, we're on a mission to unite the Pretoria based foodie bloggers and foodie folks on social media. Please tell us about your favourite foodie sites in the comments below and we'll do our best to blog about them. Thank you!

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