Fetch the City is Born

Fetch the CityThe Dilemma

One fine sunny Sunday we were happily sitting around our braai… (what else would you be doing on a fine sunny Sunday?) when the horror struck… the BEER was finished. Having already finished the beer on hand we realised we couldn’t fetch it ourselves and thought…

Wouldn’t it be great if we could call someone to fetch us some fresh beer.

The idea dawned that we couldn’t be the only ones finding ourselves in this predicament… something had to be done to rescue the population and save them from such dire circumstances.

The Light Bulb Shines

The light bulb started to shine more brightly and the idea was born. What if we could help our fellow Pretorianites so that they wouldn’t have to go through this. So we thought we could “Fetch the City” for them. So naturally we chose the name Fetch the City for our little endeavor.

The concept is simple, you want it, we fetch it, South Africa’s first unlimited on-demand personal shopping service. We enlisted the help of our friend Space Dog, who loves to play fetch with everything to help us out on the fetching side. Hopefully he doesn’t chew it on the way to you! We have been industriously working on our idea and are now ready to say…

You want it, we’ll fetch it

Fetch the City – the Lowdown

Here’s the lowdown. Simply sign up on our website and you will be ready to tell us what you would like us to fetch for you. Our friendly booking agents will confirm your order. A driver will then go and get what you have ordered and deliver it to your doorstep with a smile. Payment is by card on delivery. The charge for our friendly service is R50.00 for the first 7 items in a 5km radius in Pretoria and R5.00 extra per additional item and/or kilometer plus 2.75% of the total order value to cover bank charges.

Sign up now and you get your first 3 orders at R40.00 each. Orders can be placed on our site, via Email, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. You Click We Fetch!

Our Mission

Here at Fetch the City, we're on a mission to unite the Pretoria based foodie bloggers and foodie folks on social media. Please tell us about your favourite foodie sites in the comments below and we'll do our best to blog about them. Thank you!

What can we fetch for you?

We're open from 8am - 5pm, Monday - Saturday

Get your first order for R60

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