Fetch the City’s Biggest Fan

AFetch the City’s Biggest Fan God fearing man, Jacob Skhombiso is Fetch the City’s biggest fan. He has found the idea of Fetch the City to be a brilliant idea that will save time for him and also be convenient for him. Jacob also happens to be a gym fanatic, he likes keeping healthy so Fetch the City has allowed him to have more time for gym.

“I think Fetch the City is a brilliant idea, it saves time and it’s convenient for me”

Our biggest fan is also a marketing partner

Although Fetch the City has not launched yet, our biggest fan, Jacob thinks that once the website starts working then life will be much easier for him. Jacob Skhombiso happens to be a professional driver for Uber and is also a marketing partner for Fetch the City.

“I wouldn’t consider myself a lazy shopper but if there’s a way to avoid traffic on the road and the long queues at the store, who am I to complain about that privilege”.

Giving back to the community with Fetch the City

Jacob believes in giving back to the community so he feels like Fetch the City is something fresh and new that will create some job opportunities as the website grows bigger over coming years. Fetch the City is not like any other delivery company, we can fetch anything that you want, whether its food, clothes and even your make-up kit!

“Other delivery services sometimes overcharge and they only have a specific product they deliver. Fetch the City can fetch anything even your laundry for a very fair price”

Do one trip instead of two with Fetch the City

Our biggest fan loves Fetch the City so much that he tells all his passengers that he gives a ride everyday about it. He emphasizes the fact that you don’t need to do two trips because Fetch the City can do one trip at a fair price. You also save a lot with Fetch the City compared to other delivery companies, you request for 7 items and all items are delivered to you at the price of R40.

“It’s gonna make my life easier instead of using a car and getting stuck in traffic with Fetch the City the motorbike will be quicker so whatever I will be fetching is going to come quick”.

Fetch the City

Our biggest fan urges everyone to register on his link https://fetchthe.city/Jacob and remember you can request on any of our social media pages. You Click We Fetch.

Our Mission

Here at Fetch the City, we're on a mission to unite the Pretoria based foodie bloggers and foodie folks on social media. Please tell us about your favourite foodie sites in the comments below and we'll do our best to blog about them. Thank you!

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