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Fetch the City

As of late, I have been conveniently doing a lot of testing and reviewing of products and I must say, I have fallen in love. Most of these products are amazingly affordable and do not make break the bank.

Just like Thobile Masondo, a blogger from Pretoria, I too have natural hair and oily skin. Now that summer is here, retaining moisture and getting my oily skin under control is really important to me.

Thobile mentions on her blog www.thobilemasondo.com, three of her favourite random products that she has tested, reviewed and fallen in love with.

Aunty Jackie’s Flaxseed Soft and All Multi-Purpose Oil

Aunty Jackie’s Flaxseed Soft and All Multi-Purpose Oil has been amazing. It moisturizers my hair and scalp without leaving it looking or feeling greasy. It is lightweight and it sinks right in to my hair. This oil can also be used on the body but I prefer a different oil for that.

Nivea Daily Essentials 24H Moisture Boost + Shine Control Day Cream

Nivea is one of my favourite drugstore skincare brands and I decided to purchase their Daily Essentials 24H Moisture Boost + Shine Control Day Cream with SPF 15. It works perfectly for my oily skin and it absorbs well into it.

Nyx Glitter Primer

I have hooded eyelids and my shimmery or glittery eye shadows tend to transfer to my crease which makes my eye shadow appear messy. The Nyx Glitter Primer has been amazing at preventing that.”

It is no secret that women do enjoy shopping, it has – however – become impossible to be at work, the shops and home at the same, this is where the convenience of Fetch the City comes in.

Fetch the City

Fetch the City is a shopper delivery service that has couriers who deliver in Pretoria. They will go to the drugstores and supermarkets and do your shopping on your behalf.

How it works

You can order via the website, email, Twitter, Facebook and Telegram.

At R40 a delivery and a 5km radius, your order is processed immediately in a short time and our bookers will get back to you to confirm your order.

Our fast couriers will then fetch what you have asked for and deliver your goodies to your doorstep. You then pay the courier with your card on arrival.

If this is not amazing convenience, I don’t know what is.

If you reside in Pretoria, Fetch the City will deliver in your area. Now that that’s sorted, tell us what you would like us to fetch for you?

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