Food With A Hole In It

The Mystery Food

Food With A Hole In It
Food With A Hole In It

So what is the mystery Food With A Hole In It. And no it’s not some fancy Swiss cheese. Any guesses? Go on give it a go. Nothing yet, ok I’ll give you a hint – it’s a type of nut. Any ideas yet from the peanut gallery? No? Ok I’ll put you out of your misery – it is none other than the humble doughnut (donut if you are American). Strictly speaking they don’t all have holes, you can have round filled ones and long twisty ones from Spain.

Where The Hell Did It Come From?

Ah yes, a very good question, who were the bright sparks that came up with this tasty treat? Well it seems our old friends the Romans not only brought us paved roads but the first doughnut as well. They fried strips of pastry dough and covered them in honey or fish sauce (ummm yuck on the fish sauce). In the middle ages Arab traders brought there version of unsweetened dough fried in oil and and covered in syrup to Europe. The early Dutch settlers brought their version to America. From there on it developed until we have the modern doughnut.

How To Make A Doughnut

Here is my simple doughnut recipe.

What You Will Need

A pot filled with oil, like you fry your chips in. Some dough and something to put on them or shove in them.


Chuck the dough into the oil and fry until golden brown. Take the doughnuts out the oil, preferably not with your hands because they will turn red. Take your stuff and smother them or stuff them. And ta da you have doughnuts, see, easy.

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