Happy Event brings Pregnancy Confidence

TheHappy Event brings pregnancy confidence most precious gift in the world is your bundle of joy, a baby. For every woman, finding out that you’re pregnant can bring many emotions. For many woman there’s just so much happiness and joy and well, for others there a sense of regret and disappointment, for today we will focus on the good side of pregnancy. I read a blog post by Mira Naidu titled “Product Review: Happy Events Plus Giveaway”, useful tips for the “ready-to-be-mother”.

“The first few months I struggled with morning sickness, more like all day sickness which made it really hard to be myself”.

Happy Events: Keep your skin beautiful

The first trimester of a pregnancy is the hardest. You can hardly go out, you can’t eat anything. It’s hard for you to do anything. To all the mothers to be, Fetch the City can fetch anything anywhere for a reasonable price if your first trimester is a difficult time. Pregnancy is not all “happy, happy” times like they show in the movies. In reality you feel awful most of the time. Bloated, nausea, you can’t enjoy any of your favorite food but as you progress through the pregnancy you start to notice physical appearance change. Well good news is there’s a new lotion called Happy Events. It keeps your skin beautiful and hydrated which prevents your skin from stretch marks.

“Happy Event Product assists in keeping skin beautifully soft and hydrated in order to prevent stretchmarks right from the beginning of ones’ pregnancy, so no itchy skin for me”.

Happy Event keeps pregnant woman happy

If there’s any way to keep a woman happy during her pregnancy then make sure that she is confidence in her own skin. Happy Events seems to me making pregnant woman happy so to all mothers to be, try out Happy Events. Let Fetch the City fetch it for you if you feel like you’re not in the state to shop yourself.

“Happy Event is available in all major retail stores, including Checkers, Pick ‘n Pay, Clicks, Dischem, selected Spar stores and selected pharmacies”.

Fetch the City can help

Fetch the City can go to any of these stores to fetch Happy Events. Remember You Click We Fetch.

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