Healthy Living With Texture and Flavour

I Love Texture and Flavour

Healthy LivingMy mother says when I was a toddler they could not get me to eat solids. Not because of incontinence or medical reasons. I just couldn’t be bothered to chew. The only thing I agreed with were liquids. My mother is not special in that, like any mother, she placed one of her goals for her child as healthy living. So this was strange to her.

Thankfully I’ve grown up since then, and it’s worth mentioning that I love texture and flavour in food to the point of obsession.

There is a beauty to carefully crafted dishes that goes beyond artistry. At the end of it all, there is still a necessity to consume food to survive. So if we were to acknowledge the connoisseurs as we pass them by, we would arrive at the quaint little place called Social Savage where the right amount of down to earth mixes with the right amount of high end luxury.

For the one in the middle

Healthy Living Personal Shoppers in Pretoria
I love textures and flavours

Accompanied by a charming and informative backstory to support each recipe, Social Savage adds character to every recipe I borrow from their blog.

I often find myself feeling South African enough to want to tell people about it, when enjoying the textures and flavours produced by following the methods outlined in this home grown blog.

Take the Pinotage Burger for example, pictured above. Rather than a plain jane outline on how to produce this culinary joy-bundle, they have taken time to explain the significance of Pinotage Day  and its de facto founder Abraham Izak Perold.

Living healthy is about taste; really

Healthy living Personal Shoppers in Pretoria
I love textures and flavours

It’s hard to justify doing things badly when you know they can be done well and you know how to do them well, or you know how to get someone who does know how, to do them.

So our friends at Social Savage have got us covered re: the right wine and the right food. Now I want to let you in on a little secret of mine.

I love healthy living but I dislike the grocery store; because of the queues. Its too reminiscent of waiting for disappointment. I just want the good stuff. Sure that sounds childish. Its also the truth.

So Fetch the City offers a personal shopping service in Pretoria and at the click of a button, I can have them deliver all of my ingredients for me; if my pantry is ever short of something for a recipe.

I then get to enjoy them with the sweet seasoning of convenience.



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