How to maintain a balanced diet on budget

Maintain a balanced diet on budgetI stumbled upon on a blog post by Shoshana Sue also known as Susan. The name of the blog page is called Fitness Chat, which is a blog about how people can lose weight and how they can maintain their diet plan. Basically Susan advises on how to have a good healthy lifestyle based on her experiences.

“The fastest and the best way to lose weight is not about eating organic this and that, and gluten free that. You can eat clean on a budget and lose massive weight without spending thousands on food”.

Maintain your diet plan

To be on honest when I think healthy lifestyle and fitness, I think “oh my gosh”, it’s so expensive to buy all these fancy products and what guarantee do I have that they will work because let’s be honest, all these products just hire beautiful good looking models to posed for their product.

“If you struggle with losing weight, I want you to not be discouraged to a point of giving up completely.”

Balance your diet on budget

It is said that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. I remember I wanted to lose some weight so bad that I thought if I could join the gym, I’d be able to get my sexy figure by December so that I am able to rock my bikini during summer but when I went to Virgin Active to check prices, they wanted to charge R300 plus for just a six months contract. I was like…


I’m sure the guy assisting me thought I was rude but I was just so shocked to see that just wanting to be fit can cost so much.

Overcome temptation

Susan continues by giving us six tips on how to shop healthy on budget and getting use to that budget. She suggested foods like tuna, eggs, apples, avocado and many more. I must agree that it might be hard work shopping healthy because you get tempted to buy junk so if you want to run away from temptation, why not request Fetch the City to do all the work for you.

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