Astrid Fields

Introducing Astrid Fields

Astrid Field from the Sweet Rebellion is an award winning food photographer, blogger, food scientist and the proud owner of a very sweet tooth! Astrid has been documenting her love of baking from December 2014 and in her own words, this is how she describes herself and her work.

Astrid Field

Astrid Fields
My name is Astrid and I live in the beautiful city of Cape Town. I’ve always had an interest in food and loved baking from a young age. At university, I studied a degree in Food Science. After that, I worked at a flavour laboratory developing beverage formulations. Due to various reasons, I left the commercial food industry, but I missed the creative aspect of developing products. I started blogging about my baking adventures and the Sweet Rebellion was born. The Sweet Rebellion is all about indulgent and decadent treats. I believe that food made with love should be eaten without guilt!

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