Introducing Linda Engelbrecht of The Honest Grazer

Linda Engelbrecht

Linda Engelbrecht is an inspiration in words; and a nuanced individual with goals and aspirations just like the rest of us, behind those words.

Human beings live by example, and her’s is one that deserves some spotlight. You do yourself a disservice by not following her; and you provide yourself with plenty of bandwidth to make your dietary choices more robust when you do.

This blogger; vlogger and plant based diet enthusiast is the creator of The Honest Grazer, and we are proud to acknowledge her as a contributor to and inspiration for our own blog.

Linda Engelbrecht

Linda Engelbrecht

I started The Honest Grazer in my pursuit to find a simpler, more honest way of living. With a strong focus on whole, plant-based food and striving to make more sustainable and conscious life choices, I hope to discover and inspire meaningful change encourage others about plant-based living.

Sharing whole, plant-based food recipes in a pursuit to discover and inspire a more conscious and honest way of living.

x Linda Engelbrecht

Linda’s Work

Linda has accrued over 3000 followers on Instagram as a testament to her dedication to providing insights into plant based living and the high quality of her content.

To get a flavour for her recent work, have a browse through some of these recipes and be amazed!

The Inspiration Directory

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