Introducing Lloyd Loots from As Seen By Lloyd

Lloyd LootsIntroducing Lloyd Loots of “As Seen By Lloyd” which focuses on Higher End Experiences for Young Professionals. Lloyd takes his followers on a Journey, as he discover all things Fashion, Food & Lifestyle..

Having started his journey as a lifestyle blogger 7 years ago – he is now well entrenched in the local blogging community and often gets invited to high profile events that he always takes his readership along with him.

Lloyd Loots

As Seen by Lloyd

Auditor by day. Media personality by night. Foodie 24/7. Based in Pretoria – Gauteng, but travelling the country (and soon the world) for food & drink is a passion, especially the ‘finer things in life’, so I share my thoughts about the ‘high-end’ experiences for young professionals to showcase those hidden lifestyle gems that (generally) won’t break the bank. I’m a pretty driven & adventurous individual with unusually big ideas & dreams, which I am working on to have them realise one at a time. 

About 7 years ago I started my blog, which then was purely a ‘fashion’ based platform. It all started after attending fashion week for a few seasons & eventually someone suggested that I start a blog to share my opinions on what I saw as a ‘regular guy on the street.’

Initially I thought to myself that it would lead to nothing much, but soon after starting I realised I enjoyed the writing, so I continued and so with time it just grew. The foodie side of things started when Zomato had just started & they invited me to my first ‘foodie meetup.’ (I was definitely not going to say no to a ‘free meal’) It was here that I saw a bit of a gap in the market & used this opportunity to get my foot into the foodie side of things to showcase some more ‘high-end’ experiences to young professionals, like myself, that want to try these things, but don’t always know where to go to find them.

Lloyd’s Work

Rated among the top 20 African Lifestyle Blogs on the continent with a renowned regular feature called #WineRoutingWithLloyd.

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