Introducing Lynne Swanepoel of Chocolat et Café

Lynne SwanepoelLynne Swanepoel from Chocolat et Café is the proud owner of a family oriented cafe and restaurant that is fast gaining a strong reputation for quality service and great food! This happily married mother of 2 is onto something with this one.

Lynne has been documenting her restaurant’s success since the day it opened in January 2016 and it keeps going strong.

Lynne Swanepoel

Lynne Swanepoel

Bonjour! We have received multiple enquiries whether we are open and where our new home is located. Do not fear we have not permanently closed as Google suggests, our doors are wide open the only difference is we have just moved to a cosy corner in Pretoria East.

The new address can be found on our Facebook page or in case you missed that it is Plot 383, Graham Road, Shere, Pretoria, 0084 (You can’t miss the board on your right). Please feel free to call us if you remain unsure.
We are looking forward to your visit.

Lynne Swanepoel

Lynne’s Work

Lynne has been recognised by many residents of Pretoria as crucial part of their routines, evidenced by the many rave reviews left on her restaurants facebook page.

To get a flavour for her recent work, make your way down to the restaurant and sample it yourself!

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