Introducing Nadia Barnard of Oh My Feast

Nadia BarnardWe, love, food. Nadia Barnard is a retiree from a profession close to me personally because I love all manner of pastry and confectionery.

She’s a connoisseur of note documenting her indulgences in spectacular fashion while keeping the rest of us inspired and raring to taste the next delectable taste-bud bomb she brings to our attention!

Nadia Barnard

Nadia BarnardIn her on words she’s a

Newbie Blogger, Retired Pastry Chef, Current Foodie, Chaîne de Rôtisseurs ambassador, Paper (and brand) pusher, Creative thinker, Wine drinker,Foodie and lover of life dabbling in creativeness…one photo at a time.

My days of slaving over steaming pots and pans are long-gone; these days I repeatedly slam my manicured fingers on a keyboard of a silver machine which spits out beeps and pings as I orchestrate the output into coherent jibberjabber to coach youngsters into the exciting world of hospitality and cooking.  However I will remain a foodie at heart and take pleasure in the joys of eating and sharing a dining experience.

And we love her for it!

Nadia’s Work

Nadia has built a loyal following of foodies like us who enjoy her content on regular basis.

To get a flavour for her recent work, have a browse through some of these recipies and be amazed!

The Inspiration Directory

If you want to follow Nadia, you’ll find her hanging out at the following places online.

You’ll also find Nadia in our Inspiration Directory here.

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