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We are all different. Some are tall, some short. Some slender, others plump. Some like coffee, others tea. Some choose to fit in, others choose to stand out. Speaking on the latter, we at Fetch The City are glad to be associated with people that just like our service offering, stand out among the different varieties of us out there. Well, in case you’re wondering about whom I speak of, wonder no more, meet Lloyd Loots!

When asked a little about himself, he did not forget to mention not only how driven he is, but also very adventurous with big ideas and dreams and the fact that he is striving to realize them one at a time. Anyway, being an Auditor by day and a media personality by night can be quite demanding for most of us, but he also didn’t leave out that being a foodie 24/7 is also a passion of his. What a character. Although he is based in Pretoria, in Gauteng province, he loves travelling the country for food and drink of which he is very passionate about. He is also looking forward to start travelling the world in search of the delicacies out there that some of see only see in magazines. We wish him well with that and hopefully, he will bring back lots of interesting stories from his travels.

We all love the finer things in life. Some of us manage to taste or maintain a lifestyle that we are able to have these finer things as and when we want. However, not everyone is as lucky and this is where Lloyd comes in once again, he goes out of his way to share his thoughts on ‘high end’ experiences for young professionals like most us and showcase the hidden lifestyle gems that we may never come across unless we dedicated a lot of our time searching. He goes in search of those lovely places that for most of us down there, will not break the bank.

It’s All About The Food…

Talking about relationships, Lloyd did not hesitate to mention his love for food. I mean, why else would a man travel the country and soon the world, if his relationship with food wasn’t that tight? In his own words…

Oh, some days it’s there to support me emotionally. Other days, it’s the best stress buster. I mean, what’s better than sitting down after a long day at the office & being able to sit down with a glass of wine & eat your favorite meal. It’s just plain comforting to say the least. But most often for me, a good meal is just rewarding, in the sense of enjoying different flavors together & seeing how a chef can take the simplest ingredients & put together a complete meal. It’s creativity & science coming together in the most wonderful way.”

Well, we all understand your view because just like you each of us has that one dish that soothes their soul like nothing else.


For all those that don’t know it yet, Lloyd is also a blogger at As Seen By Lloyd. As the blog name reveals, he only tells and shows things from his own perspective. In a way, each one of us has a story to tell and he is clearly doing things his way, standing out! The blog was born about 7 years ago purely as a fashion platform, so we can now say its old enough to start grade school. Not too bad Lloyd!

For those who know, blogs require a lot of commitment and nurturing and while one might think that he is slowing down, but according to him, the journey has only just started. A lot of you might be wondering how the motivation for blogging came about, there’s no better way of telling it other than hearing it from the horses mouth.  So without further ado, here’s how the blog was born…

It all started after attending fashion week for a few seasons & eventually someone suggested that I start a blog to share my opinions on what I saw as a ‘regular guy on the street.’ Initially I thought to myself that it would lead to nothing much, but soon after starting I realized I enjoyed the writing, so I continued and so with time it just grew. The foodie side of things started when Zomato had just started & they invited me to my first ‘foodie meetup.’ (I was definitely not going to say no to a ‘free meal’) It was here that I saw a bit of a gap in the market & used this opportunity to get my foot into the foodie side of things to showcase some more ‘high-end’ experiences to young professionals, like myself, that want to try these things, but don’t always know where to go to find them.

Everything takes hard work to accomplish, and Lloyd’s endeavors require even more. Asked about how much he dedicates to blogging, he indicated how he has to take into account the travelling, writing, eating and networking, all the things that have become part and parcel of his life. To him, he considers blogging and social media interaction a full time job. Talk about a man that is passionate and dedicated to what he does! An Auditor by profession, even when he’s at work during the day he constantly checks in on what’s happening online to ensure that he does not miss out on anything important. A current man indeed!

Read part 2 of our interview with Lloyd here.

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