An interview with Neeta Raga D

Fetch the City, just like its unique service offering, is proud to be associated with specific individuals. Individuals that have chosen to live life their way. Individuals that have chosen to take the paths less trodden. Individuals that when you point them out in a crowd stand out because of the choices and perseverance that has made them get to where they are. In short, unique individuals.

Our newest partner is the epitome of the above description. Neeta Raga-D is a creative lifestyle blogger who showcases travel, beauty, wellness as well as entertainment. What would life be without a little bit of entertainment anyway? Hence the need.

Her blog’s name “Loveartbyneeta” came to be because of her appreciative nature of everything that surrounds us, that which normal people like you and I may take for granted. She believes that everything that surrounds us is a work of art. That we are surrounded by creativity at all angles. However, it takes a keen eye with a soft spot for creativity to realise this.

What inspires her…

Everything has a beginning and there is always some inspiration as people put it, that channels your energy into something foregoing all the other avenues that were in consideration. Well, in Neeta’s case, when asked about when and how her blogging journey came to be, she said…

My blogging journey began over four years ago, I was inspired to create and share content from my point of view, coming from an art and design and beauty therapy background, I had so much to share.

For most of us, we just let life roll by as we adapt to the changing storms without a worry or a care in the world. We choose to settle. To fit in. We get consumed by our comfort zones to the extent that we’re willing to forego anything at all just to remain exactly where we are.

Not everyone chooses this path. We all have a story to tell and nobody else can tell your story the way you would. Neeta chose to tell hers. From her own point of view aided and guided by her immense background knowledge in Art & Design and Beauty Therapy. She has been at it for four years. Years that she would tell you, weren’t a walk in the park. It has been consistent hard work. Making sacrifices. Making choices, both good and bad, that have shaped her into the fine lady she is now.

What makes her world go round…

For such a creatively minded lady, a lot of people would be wondering what, say, the three things that makes her world go round and that she would love to pass onto others. Wonder no more. She insists that kindness and generosity towards others is crucial. Being positive and fun loving is the second thing. I mean all work and no play will make Neeta a dull lady too. She has found her balance of the things that complete and complement her. It must be a really good world indeed, her world. She loves to travel as well as much as she possibly can. She explains that it is through travelling that you can experience life, new cultures, and learn to see things from other people’s perspectives which helps one to broaden their minds and grow as a whole.

We find inspiration in various places. Some are inspired by events from their previous experiences. Others by lessons learnt from other people’s successes or failures. For Neeta, her inspirations are her parents. Her dad became a professor at the age of 60 and she insists that she has learnt tremendously from him. At the age when most people are thinking about imminent retirement, Neeta’s Dad is indeed an inspiration to not just her but to all of us as well.

About Fetch the City…

They say it takes a unique person to notice and appreciate something unique. Neeta agrees with the fact that Fetch the City is a one of a kind service that gives you the freedom to do whatever is important with your limited time. In her own words,

Fetch the City is a fantastic concept, as it allows one the freedom to use a service at your own convenience. I would like to explore the offerings on this service. You, all of you, can also benefit from such a service that is indeed coming at the right time. You can register here with us and receive a 20 percent discount when we launch.

What is in store for the future?

We all have future plans. Some want to travel, some a quiet life, others to retire on a remote island while the majority take each day as it comes. Well for Neeta, she is looking forward to inspiring and motivating the country and the whole world at large. She strives to inspire and uplift everyone she meets so that they too can achieve great things with the skills they have. While may people love staying at the top when they get there, it takes a humble soul to see the need to uplift others so that they too can admire the view from the top of the hill.

A word of advice

As a parting thought, we wanted to know, does Neeta have any advice to anyone wanting to follow in her footsteps? A lot of people will only see her now enjoying the fruits of her labor but do not really know how much hard work and determination it has taken her to get there. I would love to paraphrase her response, but why should I? After all, its Neeta’s time to shine. So, this is what she had to say,

The best advice I can give is to be yourself, celebrate your strengths, work on your weaknesses, pay it forward to those around you, a simple act of kindness can change someone’s world

As you have heard, always be yourself. There is no other version of you. You are unique and it is very important to celebrate your strengths and continually work on your weakness, that is how you grow. A little kindness goes a long way, you may never know what battles the people we meet on a daily are fighting and therefore a simple act of kindness can change them in ways you cannot imagine.

We look forward to a future of great partnership, growth and success. Welcome to the Fetch the City family Neeta!

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