Picking Linda’s Brain pt 3

Interview with Linda Engelbrecht

We’re Joined again by Linda Engelbrecht of The Honest Grazer, and this time we wanted to get some more insight into what goes into this awesome blog. We got her on the phone and started picking her brain. These are some highlights:

Linda Engelbrecht

Okay! Alright. I-I I want to actually just take, take a shift because I do see that there are definitely a lot  of aspects that have got into, you getting to this point: but focusing on the blogging specifically.

What was it that got you to actually decide doing what you do now, was it from a perspective of evangelism; where you trying to educate people on-on the-the path that you had taken?

What was it that made you decide to create The Honest Grazer?

So I think, um, a large part of it was about: holding myself accountable in the beginning. Um, making a commitment and then sharing it with people, um, I knew that there were other people reading this, because I shared the 30 day challenge on Instagram, that’s really when I started, um, The Honest Grazer properly for myself, uh, was with that 30 day challenge.

I mean at that stage I had something like 30 followers… there was no one reading it except my Mom and my Boyfriend, but it was still good for me to put it out on public space and know okay, “I’m committing to this, I’m doing this, and I will see it through”.

Um, and then I think just because I had such a positive affect from it, and because of all the knowledge I gained along the journey; I wanted a platform where I could share that and be honest and like transparent about my experiences and my feelings and my opinions in case there are other people who are in a similar space or leg of their journey, and because I think there is a little bit of a negative stigma attached to the vegan community um, for various reasons, um, I wanted to be in a space where I was open about not being 100% vegan and saying ”Hey it’s okay to just be you, you don’t have to be vegan or plant based to change the world. Um, you just need to be informed and not be ignorant, do the research and see what impact its having on your health potentially or the health of the environment”.

Um, and as long as you’re not, uh, closed off to that, then I think it’s really a positive thing. Um, so yes it’s definitely a space where I feel, I want to share the little bit that I have to offer, Um, because I do think it’s important – people want to feel like they have a sounding board or there is someone else in the world that is potentially going through the same thing as them.

Uhm… Ja!


But it is definitely a great blog, and the content is out of this world to be honest.

 Aww, thank you.

Stay tuned for pt 4…

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