Picking Linda’s Brain pt 4

Interview with Linda Engelbrecht

We’re Joined again by Linda Engelbrecht of The Honest Grazer, and this time we wanted to get some more insight into what goes into this awesome blog. We got her on the phone and started picking her brain. These are some highlights:

Linda Engelbrecht Okay. Uhm, now I wanna ask you some questions about the recipes on The Honest Grazer; are these recipes that you’re coming up with by yourself, or are you getting assistance from a larger vegan community that’s actually contributing to it?

Oh! No! No not at all… I, this is 100% just me! Uhm, it’s really just a, Um, when I have… So! I don’t know if this is a skill per se, but a lot of the time, or especially when I was younger, I was very bad at uh, meal planning or prepping; so I would have a lot of random different items in my house or my fridge and I would have to make a plan to make a meal out of… essentially make something out of nothing, uhm… and I think that’s where a lot of my recipe development, if you wanna call it that, comes from!

It’s just looking at what I have, and, forcing myself to be creative with my ingredients; available; to me. Uhm…

So No, No! I don’t have anyone else on the other side, I mean I think it’s natural to find uh, inspiration or I guess influence from the broader; kind of health or vegan community, if you wanna call it that, but um, for the most part it’s just things that come out of my brain…


Okay! Alright… Well you are making a valuable contribution I would say, not being a member but, It-it really stuck out to us.

Okay… I’m really loving your answers up until now, you’re going really deep into it and-and giving my a lot of opportunity to skip a lot of questions on the script.

Okay cool…

Now with the development of The Honest Grazer, are you also doing all of that by yourself, in terms of the photography and the articles etcetera?

Ja! Everything is all me, and it also, I, it um, it’s a little bit intensive… and kind of like a second job, um so this is really just something that I do in the morning before work or on weekends when I find time, uhm…

But I think because of… I’ve gotten really sincere and honest feedback, from the platform, form this little platform, that I now that it’s a responsibility to keep it going and to try and curate content that’s meaningful.

I think in the beginning it was largely just “here’s a thing that I made, look it’s pretty and interesting” where now I really have… I’m starting to delve a little bit deeper and try and add a bit more value to the content that I’m putting out, uh which might take a little bit more time.

Okay, all right. Well, uhm…

So I’ll make the recipe, I’ll shoot it in my lounge or on the floor [laughs] in my bedroom, and then I’ll… Ja, upload. I’ll do some research if it needs it, um, if it’s an interesting ingredient that I’ve been experimenting with or something that I think is, um… that the community will value; I’ll try to do some research on it first now. I’ll do it more like that.

Wow! Okay… So now, my next question is gonna be one that’s gonna lead us towards the end of the interview because um, I think I’m getting more than I actually bargained for!

Okay great…


Now what would you say…

I’m a talker!


No! That’s brilliant actually! For an interview, that’s fantastic.

Okay good…

Stay tuned for pt 4…

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