Get 35% Off These Lovely #PinkSilver And Purple CZ Drop #Diamond Earrings Courtesy Of @NWJ_Jewellery

Most ladies, perhaps all, have a special set of #Jewellery that they adore and only wear them during rare occasions. Say for a birthday, a rare night out, a graduation, etc. The kind of occasions that don’t come every other day.

#NWJ_Jewellery is offering 35 percent off their prettiest Pink Silver & Purple CZ Drop Earrings worth R1230 but with the discount, you’ll only pay R799! Why not add one more to your collection and be the stand out on that lovely night out with your friends?

Grab this offer or let Fetch the city be your #PersonalShopper and we’ll deliver this amazing deal to your doorstep at your convenience.

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