Choose Mac and Cheese – It’s an act of love

Yeah okay, I like food.

Choose Mac and CheeseIf you are like me, you like it full-cream and full-flavour. You believe that Rich Food is Good Food, and you choose Mac and Cheese.

Thankfully, I am what the power-lifting fraternity call a hard-gainer. That’s both muscle mass and fat, so I eat what I please and put it away with ease.

Cue in the grease; starch; and dairy!

Among the things I do, like trawling the internet for culinary delights I can follow a “how-to” for, and to spoil my taste buds rotten with, I am partial to the opinions of others who may share a similar proclivity towards the consumption of delectable food.

Good men and women of the internet, I present to you:

Foodoo! Choose Mac and Cheese!

choose Mac & CheeseThese guys have done it! What is this proverbial “it” you might ask? Why they have given the right twist to Mac and Cheese of course! This method is ingenious as it makes one imagine that Mac and Cheese has always been incomplete up until this point.

So after the belly is properly filled with scrumptious Mac and Cheese, it will be time to try out another gem from Foodoo.

The braai is never choose Mac & Cheeseforgotten and the bread will remain on the table. So now you have to try their Braai Broodjie. Now, I will not invoke a deity or ask that you join me in prayer. I will however, ask that you thank that which you pray to; after you have this broodjie boet!

Then it got better

They know their way around town and they are not afraid to highlight gems in our lovely city. Obviously I have no problem killing birds, but I am not too comfortable around stones. So when I find a source of culinary splendor and a tour guide in one spot? You can bet I’m spreading the word.

Personal Shoppers Pretoria

So when I do finally decide to leave the house again, Foodoo! is giving me some hints. In the meantime; (big grin) I think I am going to call my trusty #Pretoria based Personal Shoppers #FetchtheCity I was right to choose Mac and Cheese!


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