Enjoy This Extraordinary #Roku Japanese #CraftGin For Just R279.99 Courtesy Of @CheckersSA

The weekend is here once again. This we always look forward to through the week when we can relax Saturday through Sunday with our friends and catch up on #Football issues and spend time with our family and loved ones. Such moments, however, do need something to blend them together. Say, a fitting drink for the occasion.

For this weekend, #Checkers liquor shop has a special on #Roku the Japanese craft gin for just R279.99! This is an extraordinary #Gin crafted with six Japanese botanicals. So why not give those weekend memories an extraordinary touch courtesy of Checkers.

Give this drink a try and we at Fetch the City can deliver this lovely bottle together with anything else you may need conveniently to your doorstep. Just leave us a simple message.

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