Seriously?! Why now?!

Lets face it. We all get lazy…

The Instagram version of me has been up for more than 30 minutes by 05:00 am, has worked out if its a Monday; a Wednesday or a Friday by 07:00 am and he’s going full tilt on another busy day by 08:00 am.

He is always in the mood, always looks correct, always sounds correct and doesn’t use filters to try accentuate his best side.

Hey, these are snapshots of real moments, so in my defense, the dapper busy body hell bent on building an empire that lasts 20 generations is actually me. This is what I believe in, that is where I am going, it’s hardly just an image of me.

Now we can introduce the but. It’s also not all of me, I can get worn and frustrated with constantly having to grow and adapt at breakneck speed, but still remain disciplined and patient.

I can slide into moods that may not make me the best company or lead to interactions I cannot take back. Or I can sleep in on Sunday after a week of consistently only getting 4 hours of sleep a day. You know? Those moments when you just don’t feel like it? Not any more?

It’s painful to admit, but I am not perfect and I don’t know if I will be.

I can rest assured that in those moments, when I either can’t run errands like visiting the grocery store or post office to pick up something that was not relevant during my day and subsequently slipped my mind; or to have something hand delivered to the office via door to door (or store to door) service  that would not warrant the massive amount of time it would take to collect as result of being stuck in a queue or in traffic; a smart little business exists to fill my gaps.

Queue in Fetch the City, for a ridiculously low cost I can afford to have a temporary personal shopper in Pretoria who completes mechanical repetitive tasks on an as and when needed basis. So I want to dedicate this post to those great people at Fetch that assist me in remaining a high performer, even when there is no longer any gas in my tank to do it!

Keep up the work guys, and consider this my personal recommendation.

-That Capitalist Blogger

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