Skin health starts from watching what you eat

JoshSkin health starts from watching what you eat’s Daily Brew is a blog page I was reading recently. I was attracted by one post he wrote titled “Skin health starts from the Inside”. I think the title says it all but to be honest I remember how my mother use to tell me that what I eat has a lot of input with my skin and she mostly emphasized on how drinking water is good for my skin health because it detoxes all of the bad bacteria.

“Unpopular opinion: ladies (and men), I hate to break it to you, but it’s far more crucial to worry about what you’re eating and putting in your body, than what you’re putting on your skin”.

Water is good for your skin health

To be honest I was never big into buying products because for starters I couldn’t afford it and secondly my mother was super strict, she believed that water can make your skin radiant which is actually not a lie water is really good for your skin. I think this one of my favorite posts of all time about skincare. Josh is so real like he expresses what he feels, “Big up to you Josh”!!!!

“It’s far fancier to tell your mate, ”damn, I’m using the latest product from L’Oréal that costs R2000 and it’s awesome””

There’s nothing wrong with using skincare products

I think when it comes to skincare products, people use these products to look pretty and boost their self-esteem and I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all although I must agree with Josh that what goes in your mouth has an impact on your skin so it’s very important that you watch the things you decide to consumer.

“Most don’t realize this, but your skin is an organ – in fact, it’s one of the largest organs in your body and it works super freaking hard to ensure detoxification is taking place on the reg”.

Treat your skin like an organ

It’s true, your skin is an organ so you should treat it as good as the way you treat your other organs. Some tips Josh gave to use on your skins is coffee granules, vitamin C and D supplements and coconut oil.

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