Spend less to feed a crowd

Spend less to feed a crowd. EverybodySpend less to feed a crowd like parties. It’s entertaining and it’s always great to have people who love you around. You actually feel appreciated. The problem with parties is that it needs you to spend and sometimes feed a crowd can cost you a lot more then you initially thought. I read a blog post by Esrida Brits titled “How to feed a crowd for cheap”, quite interesting tips she give us in this post on how to spend less while feeding a crowd.

“Even if we approach it as a “bring-and braai” it still costs a few bucks to have a nice salad and side dish, ice, good coffee with actual milk (no plastic milk in our house), and all those extra inevitably end up being provided for by the hosts”.

Spend less for a crowd

It’s actually true that whether it’s a bring-and-share event as the host you always end spending more to make sure that everyone is accommodated. I know this because this year I actually had my 21st party and to be honest BEST PARTY EVER!!!! Anyways my mother had sponsored me with R2000 for my party. It was a BYOB (Bring your own booze). Even though it was a BYOB party, the R2000 my mother had given me was spend in less than two days, shocking right? Brits gives us some tips that might help you spend less at your party and I’m going to focus on the first two because I find them extremely important.

“Be a smart shopper, always”.
“Plan your menu – no impulse buying”.

 Shop smarter and plan your menu

I think being a smart is important. You should always compare prizes of different shops to see which one is cheaper. I think had a done that for my party I wouldn’t have spent the amount I spent. But I did everything impulsively thinking I have a lot of money, money which I could’ve saved. Planning your menu is also important especially if you’re going to feed a crowd. If you don’t plan your menu you end up becoming an impulsive buyer. You buy things you don’t really need, which is a waste of money.

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