Stay fit through Christmas and January

This Christmas will be the best Christmas ever. You’re going to eat well, and see faces you should probably see more often. Guilt aside – you need to stay fit through Christmas and January.

What ever methods you use to do it, you know it’s non-negotiable. It needs to be as consistent as eating.

When you don’t eat, the onset of death is more obvious, you can literally feel your body eating itself. When you don’t work out its not so obvious. Like a slow puncture.

You’re a beginner?

You need to stay fit through Christmas and January and Susan is going to help you do it.

In her own words:

The more I churn out articles, the more I realize I am doing this for beginners. There is a lot of struggle when it comes to finding the right way to get onto the fitness wagon without all the judgmental folks, wrong information and just all the pressure that comes with getting started with living a healthy lifestyle. In a nutshell, Fitness Chat is evolving towards being the go-to fitness guide for beginners.

Stay fit through Christmas and January

Stay Fit Through Christmas and January

For those of you who swear by dieting you, can be sure that even you are catered for in a variety of ways. You are right the world is out to get you.

It is conspiring to get you into great shape and great health despite your best efforts. There is a secret society in the fitness world with a world domination agenda of healthy living!

You’re in good hands

With how busy you will be entertaining and being entertained by relatives, its not hard to imagine that you may not want to do any shopping; for anything; for any reason.

December is supposed to be special, and it is, and so is Fetch the City. They will make every month special.

They are Personal Shoppers based in Pretoria who shop for you Sunday to Sunday. You can keep focused on staying fit through Christmas and January and/or spending time with relatives while they handle all the shopping!

Contact them at You’ll be glad you did!


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