Personal Shoppers in Pretoria Deliver My Meat

I’m Still into Meat

Personal Shoppers in PretoriaYes, the world has gone vegan and social justice warriors are the new sputniks, but at least we now have personal shoppers in Pretoria.

Will mankind fall under ideologies not wholly bad or will it thrive under the destruction of the very notion of the old stasis?

Stay tuned for  the slobberknocker of the century! A sweepstakes for the future of humanity!

To meat or not to meat? That is the question…

Dude? I don’t care if you want to wear a bra and thong under your tailored suit or if you believe a paleo diet is the only way to heaven. I’m too old to care, and to busy to judge you. Don’t talk k@k about my meat!

Okay, protocol observed. Comrades, meat glorious meat! How I love thee. Lets take a moment to join our hands together for the inventors of biltong! May the creator be abundant in the blessings bestowed upon you and your descendants.

The Joy of Dietary Choices

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have done it again. My quest for culinary nirvana has lead me to Nouvellemeat Pretoria. If our Capital City was not beautiful enough @nouvellemeat have definitely taken major strides to make sure its beauty is uplifted. 

Personal Shopper in PretoriaBeing what most people would consider “black” – the consumption of meat is in my blood, my culture, my belief system, my religion, whatever… You can guarantee that when it comes to flesh – my pallet is discerning… We are deeply moved.

Personal Shoppers in Pretoria

You know I’m going to do it. I feel no shame, you can feel the glee, the salivation and anticipation. #Fetch the City #Pretoria are the best Personal Shoppers in Pretoria.

They are, the end. I can contact them at 11:17 am just when my craving hits, and they are off to Nouvellemeat  to fetch whatever I desire in that moment. Not only that but @nouvellemeat  has a bloody good spread to choose from, I don’t need to plan traffic routes. I just click and they fetch. Fetch the City, the only personal shoppers in Pretoria. Join the movement.



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Here at Fetch the City, we're on a mission to unite the Pretoria based foodie bloggers and foodie folks on social media. Please tell us about your favourite foodie sites in the comments below and we'll do our best to blog about them. Thank you!

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