A Delicious Pesto Pasta With Roasted Cherry Tomatoes And Creamy Ricotta Cheese Dinner Dish By @SimplyDelishSA

This simple, light pesto pasta recipe with roasted cherry tomatoes and creamy ricotta cheese by Simply Delicious is a delightful, easy any day dinner idea. This could as well be a go to recipe for that indoor date night especially…
Christmas Menus With Ham

Christmas Menu’s With Ham – Apple Apricot Glazed Ham

Christmas Menus With HamWhen it comes to Christmas menu’s with ham, I’m not known for my need to go against the grain or my penchant for outlandish or weird experiences. I should like to imagine that most would find me conservative and reserved… The right man to pick when you want things to go smoothly.

Christmas Menu’s With Ham

All of that said, I would most likely not be someone who would opt to cook from scratch that which can be bought in the store. Especially if its very niche and outside of scrambled eggs or a BLT…

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