Thabang Nteso – An Interview and an Inspiration

Thabang Nteso
Food lover, Thabang Nteso speaks about his passions.

Meet Food and Wine Lover Thabang Nteso

He’s a young social media influencer with and an eye for mouth-watering foods. His taste buds are pretty much best friends with wine. His name is Thabang Nteso and he’s also a lifestyle, travel and food writer. Follow him on his blog 4realness, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I started a blog after being so popular on social media for my views on food, lifestyle and events

Food Lover and Bookworm

Like most writers, Thabang is a book worm trying to find inspiration and motivation from other writers in the world.

Reading inspires me to be a better writer, reading a well-written book affects your ability to become a better writer

Thabang believes that reading other writer’s work can teach you to become a better writer and reading is also a great technique he uses to reduce stress.

I use reading to reduce any stress I have, believe me, people who read more have less stress levels.

Thabang is passionate young blog writer and mostly writes about the next hotspot where you can get scrumptious food. He’s a big lover of Italian food and for him nothing taste better then Italian food paired with the correct wine.

I love everything about wine, it even enhances the taste of food if paired correctly

His blog 4realness has everything and anything about restaurants and events you can attend to get mouth watering food.

Fetch the City Helps Thabang

Thabang NtseoAs a social media influencer, Thabang is always on the lookout for things that can make his life easier. Fetch the City is one of those things that lifts the load off his shoulder. When speaking about Fetch, Thabang said

I love how personalised it is, you just tell them what you would like them to fetch for you them just like that you get it

His favourite thing about Fetch the City is being able to order on different platforms of social media . He called it, “the perfect solution” for a busy individual.

Fetch the City even gives you different options to order. Website, Email, Twitter, Facebook and Telegram. It makes life so much easier darling!

What to expect from Thabang

Thabang will continue writing for his blog and you can expect new post about different types of foods you can try and new restaurants he will be trying out. He will be more present on social media ensuring that everyone is in the loop of new trends.

You can expect new, different places I’ll be checking out, there are a few trends on the rise and I’ll be sure to keep my audience on the loop.

Thabang’s advice

To anyone looking up to the young popular food writer, he has some words of wisdom. Words that can open your eyes and mind to a new and different journey.

“Invest in your work, push quality, always be original and respect the industry”

Follow Thabang Nteso

If you like what you’ve read about Thabang and you want to follow his lifestyle, travel and food writing, follow him on his blog 4realness, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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