The Humbling Power of Envy: Personal Shopper Pretoria

Personal Shopper in PretoriaJealousy is a strange beast. Proud, but insecure; inept, but arrogant.

People have catalogued this emotion and its effects for hundreds of years. It has also formed part of the central narrative of many books and movies. Of all the higher emotions we now have so much insight into; like content and altruism, it seems absurd that we still have to contend with such an animalistic drive.

Such a vulgar state of being…

There is a quiet confidence that builds in an individual when instilling envy in others. An internal satisfaction that can have a tendency to coax mild envy into raving jealousy. One that needs to be tempered with humility to avoid the trap of arrogance. The playing field where envy has the highest probability of vindication. Fear arrogance, for it roams the same poverty ridden streets where envy takes up residence in the human soul. 

Don’t be smug

The best way to cultivate such confidence is to sit in your office and go about your activities in a normal fashion, only to be politely interrupted when your deliveries arrive. All this while your co-workers push and shove through lunchtime traffic like brutes. Fetch the City now has Pretoria, and you, covered.

Personal Shopper Pretoria

Fetch the City is a personal shopper Pretoria that will make your colleagues ogle you in wonderment, enthralled by your cool calm temperament, unsullied by the trepidation of congestion in traffic. You instead possess a savvy and polite motorcycle courier to handle that mess for you while you focus on more important things. Like smiling.

Maybe you just need to order lunch? Fetch the City can get it for you…

Fetch the City brings Pretoria to you, with their catchy phrase of “You Click, We Fetch” and if you are not yet on their customer list, it’s time you get on it…

Experience the humbling power of envy by hiring your own personal shopper in Pretoria.



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