The simplest guy on Earth – Jonathan Nkomo

The Simplest Guy On EarthJohnathan Nkomo, the Simplest Guy on Earth! I thought I was the simplest person but not until I met Johnathan Nkomo. His life is as simple as riding a bicycle with training wheels. The 24 year old man likes to keep everything simple hence why when he was introduced to Fetch the City his life became simpler.

Keeping it simple with the simplest guy on Earth

Johnathan is a friendly and open minded guy who like to keep his life simple by going with the flow. He’s currently a professional driver for Uber and also marketing partner for Fetch the City. He finds the website a time saver and an inexpensive way to make his life simpler.

“I think of times where I was running late for work and I had to go buy bread and bath at the same time, Fetch the City would have been a life saver”

Fetch the City is simple and affordable

Johnathan thinks that the services provided by Fetch the City are provided at a reasonable price and if the website was launched already he’d probably use it twice a week if not more. For a simple guy like Johnathan he never has time to relax because he’s normally doing his late night rounds until midnight or even later some days.

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