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Veganism not Vegetarianism

Veganism not VegetarianismDo you remember that time you confused veganism for vegetarianism and tried to convince everyone that you hadn’t gone mad and you could somehow re-calibrate your taste-buds and cravings via food snobbery and will power alone?

No? I do. Because I did that. It sucked. I wanted the meat, I craved the meat, and eventually I ate the meat. It was delicious.

This is all okay though, because vegans aren’t that bad. My girlfriend is a vegan, and some of their food actually tastes like food.

The shocking surprise

Veganism not Vegetarianism I mean this dude came along, his name is Ross, hereinafter referred to as this dude, and he introduced me to this!

These guys (Frys) are locally based, their mushroom burger patty is Dog-Sh!t, bless you, but now… Veggies are a type of meat too!

Isn’t that great? The world can actually get better!

So this hair-bun aficionado is awesome, I mean as far as hair-bun aficionado’s go, this dude can actually admit that he misses meat.

Why I had to mention this

When I was profiling this dude to see if he was actually worth introducing you loyal readers of the Fetch the City blog, I noticed that he said this:

In 2018 I will be studying Culinary Arts, with the view of one day opening a vegan restaurant in Pretoria, South Africa — There is a serious need for vegan restaurants in Pretoria and I plan to change that.

Now isn’t he just inspirational? He also understands the difference. It’s Veganism not Vegetarianism.

PETA defines it: Going vegetarian reduces the amount of animal suffering in your diet, but vegetarians may still eat eggs and dairy foods. Like vegetariansvegans don’t eat any animal flesh. But they also leave dairy foods, eggs, and any other animal-derived items off their plates and out of their lives.

And this dude says:

I’ll also post about products I find which are cruelty free and do not contain animal products.

Which made me like him, even though I am neither Vegan nor Vegetarian. So for you Vegans and Vegetarians out there, just know that Fetch the City has you covered too.

Veganism not Vegetarianism was inspired by dietary freedom in a modern society that promotes individual expression and association. Be you and Proud!



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