The Way to a Man’s Heart – His Mouth!

Take it from a man

The way to a man's heartIf there is anything more important to a man than his mouth; and the activities he does obsesses about have absolutely no economic value or capacity to be traded for economic value. Forget his home address and contact details. He is a boy. The way to a man’s heart though? His Mouth.

Feed him. It’s the most sure fire way to get any man’s attention. Medical or lifestyle anomalies aside. His mouth is his primary pleasure center.

Learn from observed behaviour not speech. Take this year end recipe bundle from Munchies and Life for example.

Love, like food, gets complicated when you complicate it. Otherwise its always, Dream; Prepare; Begin; Enjoy; Savor; Share; Clean-up; Repeat.

The way to a man’s heart

The Way To A Man's HeartYou can fall in love with each other over and over again, and you can cook in the same kitchen over and over again; but start your relationship in his mouth. I’m no Love Dr. So use this advice at your own discretion.

Now, about that meal I mentioned. You are going to need ingredients, not just recipes. That means travelling to the supermarket and picking things out before you stand in a cue to pay for your goods then eventually make your way back home.

All of this will take time. There is an easy way for you to save some of it.

Get a Personal Shopper

The Way To A Man's Heart I recently became aware of a very handy personal shopping service called Fetch the City. What they do is visit the supermarket for you, and buy what ever you ask them to, then deliver up to 7 items to your door for only R40.

You can even send them pictures of the items you want; to make sure they don’t mix it up. Be sure to give Munchies and Life a visit and start using #FetchtheCity #Pretoria, because the way to a man’s heart just got shorter!



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