Working from Home – The Unholy Holy Grail

Working From HomeWill there ever be anything in the world that can not be clichéd? No. Life is cliché. Aliens might surprise us for a while, but soon we’ll get over it. When rocks start talking to us, that may be new for a little longer. But sadly, that too will eventually become a cliché – and working from home is no exception.

Human beings have all the precepts of drug addicts ingrained within them. We are attracted to newness, obsessed with thrills, and determined to find an easier way to find an easier way.

The waves of newness leave us anticipating further waves of newness that are meant to destroy or replace old waves of newness in a constant struggle for progress that can be cynically looked at as nothing more than waves on a sandy beach.

No shocking new insights – no confounding revelations, and no communion with God.

Working from Home

As the fatigue of 20 years of being stuck in traffic, 20 years transition from cramped cubicle to shoe-box office to corner office to management office et cetera, human beings grew tired of the race up the greasy pole with weights of guilt; shame; childhood scaring and the onslaught of new age pop psychology and its overlord Humanism – “making the game more exciting!”.

Working From HomeA gang of rebels came up with the Idea, “hey! why don’t I work from home?!” and just like that a new branch of the personal development industry spawned!

Guru’s in surf shorts and sandals were selling the new holy grail and the kool-aid was flying off the shelves! “You can obtain new freedom, by working from home!” The mantra rang and 10 – 15 years later… “work from home” is now a cliché.

Working From HomeHow demonic. The prince of darkness drinks from the chalice of the “work from home” shrine, and the shrewdest of guru’s caught onto this new lethargic lay-about-in-your-pajamas-all-day underworld… That’s not sexy.

So they pivoted, and started using the word “Productivity” – now the wherefore’s and how-to’s go beyond the scope of this post, but I will say this.

Not all cliché’s are bad

When you assume, you make an ass of You & Me. Here’s a young man who can give you some good tips on how to make working from home successful. Emile Hay is bloody good at what he does, and though he may never admit it. I think he has mastered the art.

Fetch the City

Now there is a great bonus to working from home. You can get fetch the city to deliver fresh bread to your doorstep to make every breakfast, a champions breakfast. Keep working from home and take Emile Hay and Fetch the City along for the journey with you.



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